Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PUR Water Filters - A Taste that I Trust

Most water that is drunk from the tap contains many harmful elements. For example, traces of lead can be found in a lot of tap water. Lead is damaging to the body and particularly harmful for children and pregnant women. If you have not yet, be sure to get your water tested. Another note is that most unfiltered water contains over 2100 chemicals including boron, carbon, chlorine and radon. These chemicals can be damaging to our bodies and are responsible for a lot of dietary problems.

The solution to fix these problems is to get a home water filtration system. The most convenient and effective solution is to get a water filter unit that attaches to the sink. There are many conventional filters to choose from, but one that stands out from the rest is PUR Water Filters.

PUR Water Filters are very easy to use and install. The box comes with adapters that fit most all faucets. If your adapter is not included, PUR will ship you the correct fitting. Installation takes just several minutes and requires no tools or expertise. Simply read the instructions and you are ready to drink clean, filtered water.

The water tastes refreshing. It has a pure, clean taste and really enhances the drinking experience of having water. There will no longer be a chlorinated aftertaste that many suffer from. Drinking water free of toxins and harmful elements also improves energy levels and cognitive function.

These water filters are easy to bypass. If you would like to use tap water to wash dishes or your hands, then simply turn the filter to its side and the bypass feature has been enabled. These water filters are really easy to use.

The average life span of these water filters is 100 gallons, or 2-3 months. There is an indicator included on the filter that lets the user know when the filter needs to be replaced. The cost associated with replacing the filter is 19.99$. Considering the price of bottled water, this is but a small price to pay.

PUR has distinguished themselves as a recognizable authority when it comes to water filtration. They really have provided excellent service and products at an affordable price. They are the perfect company for producing water filters. PUR Water Filters are simply amazing and I would encourage anyone who is considering purchasing a water filter to give them a try.